FSET Participant

Sent: Monday, November 9, 2020 12:35 PM
To: Abbey Diedrich
Subject: RE: Career Resources & Student Spotlight Feature Request; Peris X. Flagg

Dear Ms. Diedrich,

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for reaching out to me regarding the job placement services offered at New Horizons. I cannot begin to tell you how obtaining advanced computing skills has truly given me more confidence in continuing my job search in a relatively "uncertain" employment market. But I'll try....

For some time (even before COVID-19 and my discovery of New Horizons WI), I had the feeling that my career trajectory had reached a plateau in a sense. I had always been able to speak with certitude about the progressivity of my non-profit and association management skills but I still felt as though my overall range of ability lacked more tangible, hard skills. I knew that opening my mind to the idea of "something technical" would not only give me an edge in my current career field but also open me up to "new horizons" (sorry couldn't resist) as far as exploring and advancing in other career fields. Studying at New Horizons WI gave me just that!

I just recently earned my certificate in Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing (AZ-900) and Entry Level IT. I haven't really had the chance to truly sell those skills, but just updating LinkedIn and personal profiles on other job board has compelled other companies to reach out to me about IT positions--I would have NEVER thought this would be possible for me. Not only that, the courses themselves also helped me see the ways in which this knowledge can deliver me onto even grander, entrepreneurial pursuits.

New Horizons literally came to me during a time when I (and understandably, much of the world) did not know what was next in terms of gainful employment and future career options, giving me hope for new possibilities. Hearing from you today confirms that my journey is not yet complete. I would love to work with you to learn more about what type of positions are open to me. I would also LOVE the chance to share my story in hopes that it might become an inspiration to others who are in similar positions.

Please reach out to me, I look forward to connecting with you.