Class Pass Flex-Accounts

Create a Flex-Account and Save Up To 25% On All Classes, Certifications, and Classroom Rentals

You can now purchase Class Pass Units (CPUs) and assign them to Training Flex Accounts for individuals or teams.

CPUs can be redeemed for use in all public or private, technical, and applications training, including certifications and classroom rentals. Example: A Microsoft 5-day Tech class would require 30 CPUs for enrollment.

!How to Purchase
  • To purchase Pre-Paid Class Passes, set up Flex-Account(s), or learn more about our Class Pass Flex-Accounts, just email us at Account Manager.


SAVE $825

Price: $4,675

Savings: 15%

CPUs: 55


SAVE $1,700

Price: $6,800

Savings: 20%

CPUs: 85


SAVE $2,875

Price: $8,625

Savings: 25%

CPUs: 115