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Citrix Certifications

Citrix certifications reflect the evolving needs of IT professionals and organizations. They prove you have the skills and experience to deliver successful Citrix solutions.

Citrix TrainingCitrix certifications are available in the areas of Virtualization, Networking and Mobility and fall into three categories:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert

Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization (CCA-V)

The Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization (CCA-V) credential validates the skills that IT operators and administrators need to manage, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot XenDesktop 7 solutions.

  • None

Step 2

Take These Exams

1Y0-202 Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Administration 7.6 LTSR

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization (CCA-V)

Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V)

The Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V) credential validates the skills that experienced IT solution builders, such as engineers and consultants, need to install, configure and roll out common XenDesktop 7 solutions. Note: To become a CCP-V, you must attain the CCA-V certification.

  • Knowledge of XenDesktop 7.5

Step 2

Take Either of These Exams

1Y0-301 Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions

1Y0-311 Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 Advanced Administration

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V)

Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V)

The Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V) credential validates the skills that experienced IT solution designers, such as architects, engineers and consultants, need to assess and design comprehensive XenDesktop 7 solutions. Note: To become a CCE-V, you must attain the CCP-V certification.

  • Knowledge of XenDesktop 7.5

Step 2

Take These Exams

1Y0-402 Citrix XenApp and Xen Desktop 7.15 Assessment, Design and Advanced Configurations

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V)

Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA-N)

The Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA-N) credential is designed for network and system administrators and validates the knowledge and skills needed to implement and manage Citrix NetScaler 10 for app and desktop virtualization solutions in an enterprise environment.

  • None

Step 2

Take These Exams

Option 1: 1Y0-230 Citrix NetScaler 12 Essentials and Unified Gateway

Option 2: 1Y0-240: Citrix NetScaler 12 Essentials and Traffic Management

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA-N)

Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP-N)

Designed for network engineers, Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP-N) certification validates the knowledge and skills needed to implement, manage and optimize Citrix NetScaler 10 for networking performance and optimization.

Note: If you have a networking background and are looking to develop core networking skills, the CCP-N is an ideal starting point. If you have a CCA for NetScaler 9 or earlier certification, pursue the CCP-N to stay current.

  • None

Step 1

Take One of These Courses

Option 1: CNS-220 Citrix ADC 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management

Option 2: If you have already taken the CNS-222 Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Unified Gateway, you may prepare with CNS-219 Citrix ADC 12.x Traffic Management

Step 2

Take This Exam

1Y0-351: Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials for Networking exam

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP-N)

Citrix Certified Professional - Mobility (CCP-M)

The Citrix Certified Professional - Mobility (CCP-M) certification validates the skills required to design, deploy and manage a Citrix XenMobile Enterprise solution that includes mobile device management, mobile application management and secure productivity.

  • None

Step 2

Take One of These Exams

1Y0-371 Designing, Deploying and Managing Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solutions

1Y0-370 Designing, Deploying and Managing Citrix XenMobile Solutions

Step 3

Earn These Certifications

Citrix Certified Professional - Mobility (CCP-M)

 Citrix Training Pass

Citrix Training Pass (CTP)

The Citrix training pass (CTP) is a pre-paid voucher that can be redeemed for Citrix training at New Horizons Wisconsin within a year of purchase.

Citrix products and services can be ordered at the same time, allowing training to be built into the overall project budget.

Benefits of Citrix Training Pass

Purchasing Citrix Training Passes:

  • Helps streamline training budgets, as funds are secured with a single, upfront purchase order
  • Helps reduce administrative processes
  • Lays the foundation for the development of a customized, flexible Citrix training plan

All preparation and exams are offered in one convenient package at a significantly reduced price, with savings over 20% off of the retail cost.

Contact us today at 844-745-3983 to learn other ways to stretch your Citrix training budget.

 About Citrix

Citrix Training at New Horizons Wisconsin

Citrix is a leader in mobile workspace solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide. Citrix's products permit the user to implement and maintain:

  • Server, application, and desktop virtualization
  • Networking
  • Software as service
  • Cloud computing technologies, including open source products

Citrix training at New Horizons Wisconsin will provide you with a full understanding of Citrix technologies. You will also receive the best possible preparation to pass Citrix certification exams.

Citrix classes are delivered in live classroom environments as well as in live, online instructor led training. Every Citrix training course follows the Citrix authorized curriculum, and is taught by Citrix certified instructors.

Value of Learning Citrix

Citrix solutions power business mobility, allowing employees in different locations to connect and work together in real time. Mobile solutions contribute to a happier workforce. Users can choose the ideal time and place for their work, while gaining instant access to secure business information over any network.

Adopting Citrix's desktop virtualization systems allows for a simplified IT structure with increased productivity, collaboration, and the secure exchange of information.

By virtualizing systems into a datacenter or cloud environment, an organization can greatly reduce costs of application and desktop management. Virtual desktops cost less than individual PCs, and virtualization makes it easier to implement centralized IT services.

Citrix Products

Citrix provides superior desktop and server virtualization tools. The following are some of Citrix's major technologies:

Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop is a secure virtual application that instantly mobilizes Windows applications and desktops by translating them to any mobile device. This means executives and employees are given the freedom to use their own mobile technology, without the need for IT to support the hardware.

Citrix XenDesktop:

  • Leverages a mobile workforce
  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances security

Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp delivers hosted applications and desktops as on-demand, real time services, permitting users to connect on any device. XenApp saves the labor hours required to prepare traditional hardware because it streamlines application management and unexpected demands are deployed to the cloud.

XenApp's centralized applications helps protect intellectual property and private information, reducing the risk of data invasion.

Additional benefits of XenApp include:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Expanded employee retention and recruiting


Citrix XenServer is an open-source server virtualization platform that allows for management of virtual cloud, server, and desktop foundations.

XenServer enables IT to significantly reduce the number of servers in the datacenter, while maximizing application performance. XenServer offers security and space for multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.

XenServer allows businesses of all sizes to:

  • Save money
  • Respond to ever-changing business needs
  • Improve performance


Citrix NetScaler is a cloud platform that allows networks across the globe to control, optimize, and secure delivery of enterprise information. As a single solution with a powerful interface, it provides quick information delivery, while reducing ongoing operational expenses.

Citrix NetScaler improves performance of the network and server infrastructure and allows users to keep information isolated on the cloud to prevent data security issues.

Citrix Recertification

Get Certified without Taking an Exam!

Citrix's recently launched Recertification Program offers you the flexibility to maintain your Citrix certification simply by attending the associated course.

Enroll now to maintain your “Citrix Certified” status and continue to gain industry recognition and competitive differentiation in the marketplace.

If you have an expired Citrix Certification, and you sit an New Horizons ILT, or Online LIVE course between now and December 31, 2017 you can renew your expired certification

After that, if a certification expires before one takes and passes the required exam or equivalent ILT training, one will need to regain all of the lower level certifications and pass the associated exam in order to regain certification.

For a complete list of the certifications one may recertify with by attending the associated Instructor-led training course, please view the table below. Please note that early access versions of the below courses are acceptable for recertification as well.

Expired Citrix Certification Required Course New Certification
Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization (CCA – V)

Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator for Citrix XenApp 6 (CCAA)
Complete 1:

  • CXD-210: XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration

  • CMB-300: Deploy and Manage Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Fast Track

  • CMB-310: XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track)
  • CCA-V
    Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP – V)

    Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE)

  • CXD-310: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Advanced Administration

  • Or

  • CMB-310: XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track)

  • And

  • CXD-303: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Optimization and Troubleshooting

  • CCP-V
    Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE – V)

    Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA)
    CXD-400: Designing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop CCE-V
    Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA – N) Complete 1:

  • CNS-220: Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management

  • CNS-222: Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Unified Gateway
  • CCA-N
    Citrix Certified Professional – Networking (CCP – N) Complete 1:

  • CNS-320: Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization

  • CNS-220: Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management
  • CCP-N
    Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP – M) CXM-303: Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix XenMobile CCP – M
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